Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparing to Fly to Albania!

Welcome to our 
Mission Blog!

We've had a great 3 weeks in Utah and are now ready to leave for our Mission in Albania.  We hope you'll enjoy seeing a few pictures and hearing a few stories along the way. 

After saying good-bye to the dear friends in our District, we went back to our room in 2M to begin the packing-at about 9pm last night.  Packing goes quickly at first, and then comes the ugly part--when odds and ends have to find a place.  We have a handy little gizmo to weigh our bags as we go, which really helps.  Do you have any idea how much vitamins weigh?  We kept switching them from one bag to another until the magic 50 lb limit was met.  We crashed about midnight, leaving quite a bit of organizing to be done today.
It's been great to have Erin and Mark just up the hill from us.  They've been so helpful, and have picked us up or loaned us a car when we've had errands to run.  So it is today.  Erin is making dinner and Clark is picking up pictures, etc. for the final packup tonight.

Tomorrow the shuttle leaves at 5am, or so we've been told.  I am much like my Mom.  When I know that I have to get up really early, I just can't fall asleep because I worry that I'll miss my flight.  So, I don't expect to sleep much tonight.  I can do that tomorrow while we are flying accross the Atlantic.

Leaving home behind must be hard for everyone.  For us it brings sweet feelings of love for our family and friends, a soft spot in our heart for our home and for Michigan, and a deep appreciation for our great country. We have loved our life here-and we look forward to our life in Albania.  We know that God has called us to serve there.  We know that He will help us to accomplish the work that is there for us to do.

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