Thursday, July 12, 2012

April 20,2012 Personal Day At The Beach

 This is about one of those activities that is repeated on an 'as needed' basis.  The beach is called 'Zvernec' as far as we can determine.  The Smith's shared this location with us before they left us in Vlore.  We have returned many times for a peaceful break from the work.  For our missionaries this has also become a favorite spot.  We usually take a P-day out of each transfer to go to the beach.  The young missionaries are not able to go into the water, according to mission rules-but we find other fun things to do there.

 We were so happy when we saw this grill on our apartment balcony!  It may look a little bit worn and old, but it is wonderful to have it for cooking out at the beach or at home.  On this day, it was hot dogs over a charcoal/wood fire.  We all loved it, and it reminded me of home and so many wonderful occasions with family gathered around us.  We especially love doing this at our cabin when the kids all come for a weekend.  For now, these are the kids we have near us and we love them too.  They keep us young (er).

 This is our district for April-June.  From left to right you'll see Motra Gebhard from Colorado, Elder Knight from Texas,  Motra Atkin from Idaho, Motra Volz from Michigan (me) and Elder Barnard from Idaho also.  Elder Volz is the camera man.  (someone has to do it!)  We had a great time with this group. They are wonderful, dedicated missionaries.  On July 3rd, 3 of them were transferred to other areas.  Elder Knight remains with us in Vlore, while Motra Gebhard moved to Tirana, Motra Atkin to Durres and Elder Barnard to Macedonia.  We miss them, but stay in touch by email and at meetings.

This was our Pday on April 30th and the weather was beautiful.  Elder Volz initiated a 'stone skipping' contest which has become a tradition.  He almost always wins!  We draw a scoreboard in the sand, and everyone counts the number of 'skips'.  We add them up and declare a winner each time.  Albania is a hard mission, and sometimes a little break helps us keep our cheery nature!  Traditions are good, and memories like these will stay with us long after our 'boys' and 'girls' have gone on to other areas or home.

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