Thursday, July 12, 2012

May 4, 2012- Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

 Our 10th anniversary was different and special because we celebrated it here in Albania.  We decided to spend the whole day together, and that was easier said than done!  Our seminary age youth had other ideas.  They had planned an elaborate surprise for us, but didn't think to ask if we would be available to come!  We talked about this for awhile, and finally decided that on this day, we just wanted to celebrate our anniversary together.  We made arrangements to be with the kids the next day for their surprise.

We chose a restaurant in Fier-just about 45 minutes drive north of Vlore.  We had heard that they could serve a real steak!  We were really looking forward to that!  Mishe Vici, or Beef Meat, is really veal here.  The calves are butchered very young and it just doesn't taste the same.  So--on to Fier!

We started our meal with a Greek Salad and Bruschetta.  The vegetables are fresh and so tasty here.  The beginning of the meal was all that we'd hoped for.  The service was great, and since we came early-we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!  Everything was going according to plan, but we were both waiting for the steak--would it be like the steaks at home in America?
It wasn't long before we knew the truth.  The steak was attached to a bone, which was promising, but the steak was only about 3/8" thick.  After only one bite I felt sure that this steak had come from a very old milk cow, not the yummy beef we enjoy at home. Oh, well.  It was a great night anyway!

Once home, we enjoyed our nightly view from the balcony.  In the foreground you can see the idle port area.  Across the bay, the lights and the cars moving slowly along are always beautiful.  All the light reflects on the water and we have a stunning view.  On this night,  a full moon made it especially nice.  Our 10th anniversary was one we'll long remember.

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