Thursday, July 12, 2012

On June 4, 2012 we all worked together to clean the Old Beach in Vlore.  This was designated a "Helping Hands" Service Project and was sponsored by the Church Humanitarian Services Department.

                                                      Most of the volunteers were from our branch in Vlore.  We had about
52 who came to help, including some of the neighborhood boys who live there.  You would not believe the kind of clutter and garbage that literally covered the beach. 

                             It was a day of really hard work, but it was great to see the results. 

After the work was finished, our boys had a really fun game of soccer, or Football as it is called here.  It was wonderful to see the beach clean and safe for families and kids to use.  We'll do this again--

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  1. And what an example you set! Wonderful project, and the reward was futbal! Or however you spell it there. The pics are great, and you're obviously making a great impact there. Proud to know you.