Thursday, July 12, 2012

 We'll try to catch up on some of the many experiences we've been having while we've been here in Albania on our mission.  These pictures are from a Couples Conference that we attended in Budva, Montenegro.  There is a good chance we would never have seen these sights if it were not for this conference, organized by Ian and Sue Preston, who returned home from their mission about 2 weeks after the conference.  We drove up from Vlore with our friends, the Casady's, who are serving their mission in Fier-the next major town north of Vlore.

The picture above is the view from the top of Kotor Castle in Kotor, Montenegro.  This city boasts the oldest, inhabited walled city in Europe.  We don't know if that is true or not, but we do know that it is beautiful.  Clark hiked to the top of the mountain with Elder and Sister Eliason, Elder Casady and others, and brought back some amazing photos.  Nora stayed behind with Sr. Casady and Sr. Stacey, and thoroughly enjoyed shopping and exploring the shops and businesses within the walled town.

When we first arrived in Kotor, the parking lot designated for the castle
 was right next to the marina, so of course we had to investigate and see
all of the boats.  This was our first opportunity to see boats like
this, so we were in 7th heaven and remembered our many walks by the marinas at Lake Michigan.  The boats were beautiful and the harbor is amazing.  It is not deep enough for cruise ships, apparently, as we saw one approach and then turn around and leave.  They were probably just giving the passengers a moment to view the amazing walled city, which sprawls up the mountain from bottom to top, with the castle at the top.

 This picture to the left shows all the couples at the conference.  These have become our dearest friends while serving here.  It is just great when we get together for a conference like this.  We always share news of our families, and everyone is aware and concerned about everyone else's family--does that  make sense?  in English?  The longer we're here the more I worry about my English!  Anyway--it's a great group.  Missing from the picture are the Willis's from northern England.  They were in the middle of an Humanitarian project and could not be with us.

This is Clark and Nora in Budva, Montenegro on our last day there.  It is hard to imagine being cold enough to need a jacket! This was in April.  Now, in July, temperatures linger near 100 degrees every day in Albania, and the humidity ensures that you are always moist, if you know what I mean! 

We treasure this time on our mission.  We are grateful for our family's support and we miss them so much-but these are experiences that we would never have had any other way.   Our friends who are also serving here are a great support and wonderful examples to us.  What a wonderful blessing it is to be here.


  1. I guess we're all going to get used to sweating during the summers! But no worries, you'll be wishing for some of this heat before long. Stories are wonderful, pictures even better. You are blessing the lives of sooo many people, including mine.

  2. We love you guys! Nate is doing great. He has been out a year and a half now. He was recently called as an assistant. He picked Derek up at the airport and they went tracting together. How cool is that!?

    Daymon and Suzanne.